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Embody purity.

As an intimate symbol for youth and rebirth, the calla lily represents beauty in its purest form.

White Clinic lives by this principle in our desire to empower you with flawless, unblemished beauty. Through an offering of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, you will discover life anew as we transform your perspective of beauty, from the inside out.

Our experienced team is led by the highly qualified Dr Yap Chin Vie, renowned for his pigmentation removal skills and attention to detail. The clinic uses a complete range of sophiticated, FDA or Conformite Europeenne-approved equipment from trusted brands such as NeoGen, Indiba, Enerjet, Revlite, Sharplight – Formax and the newly added HIFU, Skin Booster to give you the assurance of safe and effective results. Your comfort and confidence in us is utmost importance as we guide you through your chosen procedure, from laser skin treatment, anti-aging techniques to slimming solutions, and more.

White Clinic’s philosophies of purity in beauty also extend to our exclusive range of superlative products designed for the skin. Created with a passion for impeccable quality, White Clinic products reflect our commitment to give you the enduring confidence and beauty.